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Every field is different and every crop has its unique set of challenges — diseases, insects, nematodes, moisture or nutrient stress. Our full lineup of crop-specific offerings let you determine the best solution for your operation.

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NemaStrike™ Technology

Provides broad-spectrum nematode control that stays in the root zone for up to 75 days, protecting yields.

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QuickRoots® Technology

Helps maximize yields – especially in fields with limitations in moisture or nutrient availability.

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New for 2019

QuickRoots® Technology

This seamless corn offering[2] contains two separate but powerful products — one that makes phosphate more available to the plant and another that helps increase functional root volume, as well as water and nutrient uptake through enhanced mycorrhizal colonization.

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[1]BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering is the on-seed application of the separately registered products Acceleron® B-300 SAT and Acceleron® B-360 ST.
[2]Class of 2017, 2018, 2019 base genetics are treated with BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering, which contains Acceleron® B-300 SAT and Acceleron® B-360 ST.

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