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Farming grows more complex every year. That’s why the Acceleron® portfolio rises to the challenge — and makes one decision simpler: your seed treatment. Our 4-part approach means you have an ally in the field from day 1. So, while you can’t predict what the season has in store, you can be prepared for it.

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Defend against
plant-parasitic nematodes.

Hard-to-detect nematodes pierce and infect roots, causing a loss of nutrients and water — which can compound other issues like disease and environmental stress. Treating seed with a broad-spectrum nematicide provides protection in the seed zone during critical early development stages.

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Protect against moisture or nutrient stress.

Bio-Enhancers make nutrients available to plants, helping maximize yield potential. While benefits vary by crop, these products can also enhance functional root volume and increase nutrient uptake, protecting plants from moisture or nutrient stress.

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Protect against the top diseases for each crop.

Diseases cost farmers millions of bushels per year. Our exclusive combinations of fungicides protect against the top seedling diseases for corn, soybeans and cotton.

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Control damaging
early season pests.

Early season insects feed on seeds and seedlings, which can cause delayed emergence, stand loss, plant injury and stunting. Our insecticides control early season pests that cause significant damage to crops across the U.S.

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