Protect your crops from moisture or nutrient stress.

Nutrient or moisture deficiencies can impair root growth, making it even harder for plants to get the nutrients and moisture they need. That's where bio-enhancers — like the new BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering and TagTeam® LCO XC technology — can help. While the benefits vary by crop, bio-enhancers can:

  • Enhance functional root volume
  • Make nutrients more available to plants
  • Increase nutrient uptake
  BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering (left) compared to control (right) from strip trials conducted in farmers' fields in July 2018.
Moisture & Nutrients

Increase functional root volume with helpful fungi.

There's more than one way a plant can uptake moisture and nutrients: through its roots, of course, and also through fungal colonies that act like extensions of its roots. These fungi, called mycorrhizae, form many tiny root-like networks that reach deep into the soil and explore pockets that plant roots can't access, absorbing moisture and nutrients as they grow. Then, they send those nutrients and moisture back to the plant.

Our BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering enhances mycorrhizae colonization — and also makes phosphate more available.

Root Growth

Unlock multiple sources of phosphate in your soil.

Increased phosphate uptake can help roots reach even more nutrients and water. With the help of microbes, your plants can tap into more of the phosphate that's already there.

Organic phosphate isn't available to plants. But certain microbes, like those in QuickRoots® Technology, can transform it into inorganic phosphate, making it usable.

Still, inorganic phosphate can become bound to soil particles. Microbes, like those in BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering and TagTeam® LCO XC technology, can release those bonds, making it available once again.


Support nodulation, even under stressful conditions.

The nodulation process depends on living organisms — beneficial bacteria, as well as the plant itself. However, stresses like flooding, diseases, extreme temperatures and other factors can disrupt this critical process. For soybeans and other legumes, which get most of their nitrogen from nodulation, this can impact crop performance.

Factors That Can Influence Nodulation

  Bio-enhancers like TagTeam® LCO XC and Optimize® XC technologies contain microbes that increases the rate of early soybean nodulation 2X, resulting in twice as many nodules.

Rise stronger with coverage on 4 fronts.

Bio-enhancers are essential to a 4-part approach to protection, so you can be sure all of our products are compatible with our fungicides, insecticides and nematicides.

BioRise™ 2 Corn Offering is available seamlessly on certain corn seed products as part of our tiered offerings.

The Acceleron® BioAg lineup includes standalone products for corn, soybeans, cotton and other crops.