Bio-Enhancer Products​​​​​

Standalone Bio-enhancers that Support Crops’ Needs

Bio-enhancers from the Acceleron® portfolio make nutrients more available to plants. It sounds simple, but it enables an impactful series of events: More available nutrients can lead to greater nutrient uptake, which supports bigger root growth, so the plant can uptake more moisture and nutrients — ultimately enhancing performance and yield potential.

These powerful technologies work in complement with the fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and other bio-enhancers in the Acceleron® portfolio. Explore all products below.

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The Acceleron® BioAg Product Guide

The Acceleron® Bio-Enhancer Product Guide contains in-depth product and usage details, a look at how Bio-Enhancers are developed, and information about their agronomic impact.

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The Acceleron® Seed Treatment Compatibility and Planting Window Guide

To ensure the viability of our products is not compromised by pesticides and other seed treatments, compatibility tests are conducted with registered seed treatments.

Each product formulation is tested with various seed treatments, using different application methods on specific crops.

Compatibility tests are ongoing. Check back for updates.

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Why Inoculate or Double Inoculate?

Effective nodulation is essential for nitrogen fixation, particularly on soils where soybeans have not been planted recently.

Seed-applied inoculant can be profitable on fields with a history of soybean planting.

Double inoculation can help quickly establish high populations of rhizobia bacteria to ensure optimal nodulation and soybean performance.

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