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With one easy decision, the Acceleron® portfolio provides a powerful array of seed treatment technologies: fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and bio-enhancers. Coverage on four fronts means you can rise stronger — for whatever the season holds.


Provide protection against a wide range of plant-parasitic nematodes. 

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Help plants more easily access moisture or nutrients, protecting against stress.

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Protect against the top seedling diseases for each crop.

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Control early season pests that cause significant damage across the United States.

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Performance on Real Farms

Growers across the country have been working with products from the Acceleron® portfolio — and seeing how they perform on their farms. Find out what they discovered.

“The TagTeam® Technology definitely had a big advantage. Healthier plant above ground, but below ground was really an eye-opener. A much better root mass, which has to lead to a better yield.”

Dale Larsch, BioAdvantage Trials Participant
Mount Vernon, South Dakota
Dale Larsch
BioAdvantage Trials Participant
Mount Vernon, South Dakota

“BioRise 2 Corn Offering is a huge deal and truly makes us a differentiator. With the products we have the BioRise 2 Corn Offering on, it gives you that full protection. You’ll get off to a great start.”

Joe Hora, District Sales Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Joe Hora
District Sales Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa