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No two seasons are the same. One year, it’s disease. Another it could be moisture or nutrient stress, nematodes or insects. But you now have an ally in the fight against unpredictable threats: the Acceleron® portfolio. One simple decision delivers coverage on 4 fronts, so you can rise ready for whatever the season has in store.


Control a broad spectrum of yield-robbing nematodes with NemaStrike™ Technology.

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Help plants more easily access moisture or nutrients, protecting against stress.

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Protect against the top seedling diseases for each crop.

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Control early season pests that cause significant damage across the United States.

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Performance on Real Farms

Growers across the country have participated in trials to see how NemaStrike™ Technology and Acceleron® BioAg products perform on their farms. Find out what they discovered.

NemaStrike™ Technology kept the corn healthier. There's no doubt.
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The TagTeam® Technology definitely had a big advantage. Healthier plant above ground, but below ground was really an eye-opener. A much better root mass, which has to lead to better yield.
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