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No two seasons are the same. Rise stronger with coverage on 4 fronts.

Diseases. Insects. Nematodes. Moisture or nutrient stress. With the Acceleron® portfolio, you can rise above these unpredictable threats. One easy decision delivers the coverage your crops need to rise stronger and ready for whatever the season has in store.

The fungicides and insecticides you rely on — now joined by a breakthrough nematicide and innovative Bio-Enhancers.

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

The right level of protection from unpredictable threats

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions tiered offerings are exclusive combinations of fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and Bio-Enhancers — designed to elevate performance potential and provide easy, dependable protection for every seed.

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Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

Strike where nematodes attack

Nematodes cost an estimated >10% yield loss*. They pierce and infect roots, stealing nutrients and opening the door for secondary issues. NemaStrike™ Technology, a breakthrough nematicide, provides broad-spectrum control against a wide range of nematode species - and stays in the root zone for up to 75 days.

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Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

Additional protection from moisture or nutrient stress

Bio-Enhancer products from Acceleron® BioAg make nutrients available to plants, helping maximize yield potential. While benefits vary by crop, these products can also enhance functional root volume and increase nutrient uptake, protecting plants from moisture or nutrient stress.

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Dedicated Service and Support

Our extensively trained sales managers — the largest dedicated seed applied solutions team in the industry — are here to answer your questions, offer their expertise and help with the product selection process.

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