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Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions delivers industry-leading products, superior service and real value to fully satisfy the needs of their customers. The key to success goes beyond the seed — it takes solid relationships, proven performance and exceptional support. Season after season, Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions has you covered from the ground up.

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A Powerful Combination for Enhanced Performance

Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions and biological products from Monsanto BioAg work together to help growers get more out of every acre by protecting seeds from threats, improving plant health and maximizing other inputs. Supplying customers with these combined offerings translates to big benefits for both growers and dealers.

Monsanto BioAg

Boost Your Profit Potential

The key to maximizing profit potential is building lasting customer relationships. It starts with best-in-class product offerings. With the advanced product portfolio from Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions, your growers will see a return well worth a long-term investment.

But the relationship-building benefits go beyond product performance. We work with equipment providers to outfit dealers with the latest treatment systems. And we provide the same level of affordability, service and support to dealers both large and small. It’s a comprehensive effort to maximize profit potential and deliver a clear advantage to dealers and growers alike.

Five Custom Blending Sites, Superior Service and Support

Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions has expanded their reach with sales managers and custom blending sites spanning the country, so you can find the support you need, when you need it. Our five custom blending sites ensure enhanced product quality and faster delivery. And with the largest team of dedicated sales managers in the industry — specially trained about product technologies, treating equipment and agronomy — you can count on quick and committed service.

Map showing locations of the 5 custom blending sites and 20+ Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions Managers