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Maximize Profit Potential with 360-Degree Protection

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, Corn, Two Year Avg.1

Don’t risk using generic protection on premium corn seeds. Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions offer the broadest spectrum of early season disease and pest protection.1

Exclusive combinations of active ingredients work quickly through the plant, protecting it from root to stalk. Multiple modes of action help reduce disease pressure and encourage even emergence. Not only are seeds protected during the critical first 30 days, but crops are also protected as they grow, which helps maximize yield potential at harvest.


Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions, Corn, Two Year Avg.1

Corn Products with SmartStax® Technology


Corn Products Without Smartstax® technology


Acceleron® B-300 SAT

This biological product contains Penicillium bilaiae, a microbe that helps increase phosphate availability; helping to enhance root and shoot development and improve yield potential. It's included on all new corn products launched in 2017.

Acceleron® B-300 SAT 


Enhanced Disease Control Offering

Bu/A vs. Reference

Offered with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions ELITE, Enhanced Disease Control Offering can deliver a 3 Bu/A* yield advantage through enhanced early- to mid-season disease control due to the reduction of infections caused Fusarium, Rhizoctonia and Colletotrichum.

*Over 5 years of Monsanto Trials versus Acceleron Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD.

2011: +2.0 Bu/A Yield Advantage
2012: +5.8 Bu/A Yield Advantage
2013: +1.6 Bu/A Yield Advantage
2014: +2.5 Bu/A Yield Advantage
2015: +2.9 Bu/A Yield Advantage​


No matter what seeds you’re treating, protect that important investment with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions.

1Source: 2011 and 2012 Internal Monsanto Technology Development Trials. Individual results may vary.
2Monsanto Field Trials; N = 746. Represents the average advantage of Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions Standard with Poncho®/VOTiVO® versus Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions Basic.