Seed Treatment Made Simple? We're On It.

The Acceleron® portfolio is the most advanced seed treatment solution in the industry. Our powerful bio-enhancers protect against nutrient and moisture stress, while our chemical seed treatments defend against threats like nematodes, insects and diseases. Every product is the result of extensive research and development — thoroughly tested and designed to work together to maximize your coverage.

A Powerful Portfolio

Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions  

The Acceleron® portfolio is comprised of bio-enhancers, including BioRise® Corn Offerings, as well as the fungicides, insecticides and nematicides within Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions tiered offerings for corn, soybeans and cotton.

Enhanced Service and Support

The largest team of dedicated seed applied solutions sales managers in the industry

Five custom blending sites to ensure faster delivery

Support to ensure your equipment is up and running

The industry’s most complete and advanced product portfolio